Here are some of my most recent works:

CD Martin Tchiba: puzzle, post, poire (15 electronic compositions) (2023, supported by Kunststiftung NRW)

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Martin Tchiba: après – avant for piano solo (2022/23, supported by Musikfonds e.V. Berlin / Neustart Kultur)

Premiered on 26 April 2023 in Budapest (MTVA / Hungarian Radio, Sára Sándor Hall, “ArTRIUM” Festival for Contemporary Music), Martin Tchiba (piano)

Martin Tchiba: »180« – 180 daily chords & electroacoustic miniatures (5 May–31 October 2022, supported by Musikfonds e.V. Berlin / Neustart Kultur)

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Martin Tchiba: Electronic Variations on Stäbler's “Music Box – jerkily” (2022)

Included on this CD, in co-production with Hessischer Rundfunk / hr2-kultur

CD Martin Tchiba: klang collection (electroacoustic compositions) (2021, supported by Musikfonds e.V. Berlin / Neustart Kultur)

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Listen to the entire CD here!

Martin Tchiba: castPod für Sopran und Tonband (2021)

Premiered on 1 December 2021 in Düsseldorf (NRW-Forum), Irene Kurka (soprano)

Martin Tchiba: zuwalde #MusicArtVideo (2020, commissioned by WestLotto)

Martin Tchiba: MASKS #MusicArtVideo (2020)

Facebook, 25 September 2020
Facebook, 21 December 2020

Martin Tchiba: Der NET_ON Mixer (2020)

Listen to & “mix” here
Facebook, 25 December 2020

Martin Tchiba: NET_ON – Eine Online-Programmkomposition (2020)

Listen to & watch & read here

Martin Tchiba: <pod 3.0> für Sopran, Klavier, Zuspielung und Publikum (2020, commissioned by Kunststiftung NRW)

Complete score